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Decoration of bottles & packaging

November 14, 2022

Have you considered which type of decoration is most suitable for bottles and what the advantages/differences are between, for example, screen printing/digital printing/labelling and sleeves?

To help you decide, we have compiled the most important features and advantages/disadvantages of the corresponding methods here:

-suitability for both small and large quantities
-flexible use
-many label manufacturers
-Wide variety of design options (e.g. embossing techniques, matt printing, varnishing, holograms, booklet etc.)
-little storage space
-manageable costs
-Can be used on virtually all substrates
-Labelling mostly internally after filling

-Many areas of application, e.g. on paper, plastic, textiles, ceramics, metal, wood, glass, aluminium ....
-depending on the requirements, high ink film thicknesses and a high colour intensity can be achieved
-low printing speed
-Costs for printing stencils
Relatively high initial costs, e.g. set-up costs
-relatively expensive process for small quantities
-Large storage space requirement for intermediate storage of e.g. bottles or other hollow containers
-External printer

Digital printing:
-no static, unchanging printing form is required
-Great flexibility for production of single copies
-Printing of shaped hollow bodies such as bottles using inkjet printing as an alternative to screen and pad printing
-Lower costs (stencils, printing plates etc.)
-Print quality slightly lower than screen printing
-Medium storage space requirement due to smaller pressure lot sizes
-External printer

-complete decoration also of curved bottle shapes
-great design possibilities
-extraordinary bottle designs possible
-various printing methods to choose from (depending on quantity, quality, costs)
-high costs for sleeve plant
-ideal sleeving after bottling
-interesting for large quantities from approx. 50'000pcs. Annual requirement/variety
-Storage of sleeves under constant climate necessary
-Cost differences for sleeves in gravure or flexo printing (e.g. printing cylinder)

These are some inputs and bases for decision-making when choosing the right or most suitable decoration process. We will be happy to show you the possibilities and help you choose the best decoration option for you.

About the author

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Thomas Stutz has 20 years of experience in packaging development and sales. His qualifications include a federal certificate as a marketing specialist and federal diplomas as a sales manager and packaging manager. With in-depth expertise and a passion for innovative solutions, he is an experienced expert in the packaging industry.

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