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HOTFILL PET bottles without cap

Hot-fill PET bottles for hot filling

The hot fill process is mainly used for beverages that are sensitive to microorganisms and need to be preserved without preservatives. Here are some drinks that are typically filled using the hot fill process:

  1. Fruit juices and nectars: Especially those without preservatives. The hot-filling process kills harmful bacteria and microorganisms, extending the shelf life of the juice.
  2. Iced teas: Especially those made from fresh tea and without preservatives.
  3. Sports and electrolyte drinks: Many of these drinks are hot-filled to ensure a long shelf life without the use of preservatives.
  4. Soy milk and other plant-based dairy products: These are often bottled hot to extend their shelf life.
  5. Sauces and syrups: Some syrups and sauces that are more liquid can also be bottled using this method, although they are not directly considered a beverage.

Hot filling is ideal for these beverages as it ensures that potentially harmful microorganisms are killed and the product has a longer shelf life without relying on preservatives. The process is particularly suitable for products that have an acidic pH (typically below 4.6), as fewer pathogenic microorganisms can survive in this acidic environment.

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