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Our range of canisters

August 12, 2023

Canisters made of HD-PE for a wide range of applications

The proper storage and transport of liquids, be it water, petrol or chemicals, requires reliable containers. Our HD-PE canisters offer exactly this reliability.

Features and advantages

  • MaterialOur canisters are made of HD-PE a robust plastic known for its durability and chemical resistance.
  • UN-approved: Safety is our top priority. That is why our canisters are UN-approved, which confirms their suitability for the transport of dangerous goods.
  • Stackability: Space-saving storage is ensured by the stackable design.
  • Closure variants: Depending on your needs, you can choose between different closures such as screw cap, spout or pull-out spout.

Variety for your needs

  • SizesOur selection ranges from the handy 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L canister to the large 20L, 25L and even 30L canister.
  • Applications: Whether as petrol canisters for fuels, water canisters for drinking water or for storing chemicals, our canisters are versatile.
  • Colour optionsChoose between different colours such as colourless, brown, orange, red and black to easily identify the contents or meet requirements.

About the author

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Thomas Stutz has 20 years of experience in packaging development and sales. His qualifications include a federal certificate as a marketing specialist and federal diplomas as a sales manager and packaging manager. With in-depth expertise and a passion for innovative solutions, he is an experienced expert in the packaging industry.

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