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rPET: PET bottles with a high recycled content

November 14, 2022

While PET or HD-PE bottles with recycled content were hardly present on the market a few years ago, they are now an integral part. In the chemical-technical sector, in cosmetics packaging or in bottles for foodstuffs, PET or HD-PE bottles with a recycled content are Packaging with up to 100% recycled content no longer an exception, but the rule the longer it lasts. Although the prices for recycled material tend to be somewhat higher than for virgin material and availability is not always consistent, there are many arguments in favour of packaging made from recycled material or with a recycled material content:

-resource scarcity
-Circular economy instead of a throwaway society
-Legislation to increase recycling
-High purity also allows use in the food sector with up to 100% rPET
-Raw materials with recycled qualities (PET, PE) of high quality
-High technical know-how in recycling processing
-Value added of recycling processing in the domestic market
-Good processing in the production of novel materials with recycled material content
-Narrow-meshed collection system for plastic packaging
-Environmental awareness and high acceptance for recycled material among customers, bottlers and in the trade

The longer these developments go on, the more they encourage and demand a rethink of existing structures. Customers, industry and trade are called upon to question existing packaging and to make corresponding improvements or optimise solutions. But packaging developers also have to take care in the design, creation and material selection of new packaging that the packaging can be recycled as 100% as possible after use. And finally, the waste management and recycling companies are also still strongly challenged to generate the highest possible quality, unmixed and widely usable raw materials from the delivered waste.

About the author

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Thomas Stutz has 20 years of experience in packaging development and sales. His qualifications include a federal certificate as a marketing specialist and federal diplomas as a sales manager and packaging manager. With in-depth expertise and a passion for innovative solutions, he is an experienced expert in the packaging industry.

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