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5lt Bag-in-box Cheertainer with pouring tap

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Bag-in-box - Cheertainer system - meets the requirements and safety of a rigid container in combination with the advantages of flexible packaging.

Applications in the cleaning and chem. technical field as well as for cosmetics

Dimensions W x D x H: 180 x 178 x 215mm

Pcs/box: 300pcs (bag incl. pouring tap)
Pcs/pallet: 3600pcs (bag incl. pouring tap)
pcs/pallet: 1080pcs (carton)

with pouring tap "Maxiflow", colour white

Barrier "Standard
80my LLDPE (inside)
55my LLDPE (middle)
15my OPA (outside)

(high barrier on request)

Lightweight inner bag combined in UN-approved cardboard/outer packaging

High stability

Space-saving in transport and storage

sustainable due to low use of raw materials (plastic bags + cardboard box)

up to 90% less material used than conventional rigid containers

Various closure systems available

Easy handling

Filling manually or mechanically

Available variants, prices, quantities and delivery times on request.


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