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Aluminium closure - 18 x 12mm

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The aluminium closure size 18 x 12mm, made of an aluminium alloy, is suitable for containers with a PP 18 type neck finish. The closure also contains an EPE sealing insert to ensure sealing.

Particularly noteworthy is the option for customisation. Customers can have the aluminium screw cap customised as desired, be it through different printing options, UV printing, a top relief or a side cut.


  • Dimension: 18x12mm
  • Mouth: PP 18
  • Material: aluminium alloy
  • Sealing insert: EPE

Packaging details:

  • Quantity/carton: 16000pcs.
  • Carton dimensions: 600x400x360 mm
  • Pallet quantity: 384000pcs.
  • Pallet dimensions: 800x1200x2300mm
  • Pallet weight: 308kg


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