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Sprayer OpUs Spray mist/jet Blue

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The OpUs sprayer in the appealing colour combination blue/white/nature offers a high-quality solution for various applications. The pre-compression technology ensures accurate dosing in every application. It is ideal for products that require fine and even distribution. With the ability to adjust the riser tube as needed, this sprayer also meets specific requirements.

Product details:

  • Model: OpUs.
  • Function: Provides both spray mist and spray jet.
  • Colour combination: Blue, White and Nature.
  • Output: 1.3ml per stroke.
  • Technology: Equipped with pre-compression for consistent and accurate dosing.
  • LeverStandard version.

Riser specifications:

  • Length: 267mm.
  • Form: Curved.
  • Note: Risers can be cut individually to the desired length.


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