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700ml Stoneware Bottle Black with Wooden Handle Cork

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Stoneware bottle 700ml in black

The elegant 700ml stoneware bottle in timeless black is ideal for liqueurs, spirits, juices and syrups. Due to its stoneware texture, it offers remarkable robustness compared to conventional clay bottles.


  • Height: 272mm
  • Diameter: 74mm
  • Filling quantity: 700ml


  • 100% Light protection: Guaranteed by dense firing at over 1230 degrees.
  • Closure: Equipped with an unvarnished wooden handle cork. Other closure variants, such as swing stopper or screw cap (31.5 PP standard), are available on request.
  • Versatile use: Thanks to the inner glaze, it is food safe, acid and alkali resistant and microwaveable.
  • Special robustnessStoneware bottles are much more resistant than pure clay bottles.
  • Customisable: Various colour variations and printing options are available on request.

Packaging details: The bottles are delivered safely and in their original packaging on pallets of size 100 x 120 cm, protected with shrink film. One pallet contains 1125 bottles.

Experience the quality and special design of our 700ml stoneware bottle in black. Ideal for those who value both function and style.



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