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Poly IBC Tank / Container with bottom outlet

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Poly IBC 1000 litre tank / container with bottom outlet

For efficient, safe storage and transport of liquids, we present our Poly IBC Tanks (Intermediate Bulk Container) with integrated spout at the bottom. These tanks are ideal for quick draining and emptying of contents, optimising processes in your production line or logistics chain.


  • Certification: Meets the requirements of UN approval Y packing group 2 and packing groups 2 & 3.
  • Longevity: Made from robust plastic with a 5 year life, these tanks are reusable and UV protected.
  • Practicability: Easy cleaning, labelled for traceability and with a special spout at the bottom for quick emptying.
  • DesignStackable for space-saving storage and with all-round protection against environmental influences.

Whether industrial chemicals, food or oils - our IBC tanks with bottom outlet promise reliability and efficiency in every respect. Trust in quality and functionality when it comes to your packaging solutions.


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