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Glass bottles for a high-quality presentation

Fine glass food bottles - embodying elegance, quality and luxury!

Glass food bottles represent a high standard of elegance, quality and value. An exclusive and eye-catching bottle has the power to stand out and draw attention at any point of sale. An exceptional design can create a strong brand identity that ensures both recognition and a unique product presentation. A classy and elegant glass bottle not only represents your products, but also reflects your company's values and image to increase your brand awareness and value.

Our extensive range includes an impressive number of glass bottle models for a wide variety of applications:

  • Over 200 models for spirits
  • Over 120 models for wines
  • Over 45 models for sparkling wine and champagne
  • Over 80 models for oils and vinegar
  • And much more!

Some of our glass bottle models are available in pallet quantities, while others are regularly produced or available on request with certain minimum production quantities.

With such a wide selection of models, we are confident that you will find the perfect glass bottle for your product in our range. Our team of experts are on hand to help you choose the ideal glass bottle to suit your specific needs and requirements. Discover the variety and quality of our glass bottles and take your product to the next level!

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Thomas Stutz has 20 years of experience in packaging development and sales. His qualifications include a federal certificate as a marketing specialist and federal diplomas as a sales manager and packaging manager. With in-depth expertise and a passion for innovative solutions, he is an experienced expert in the packaging industry.

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