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Cheertainer Bag in Box System

Cheertainer: Saving weight in packaging

Say goodbye to canisters and switch to Cheertainers. In a world where efficiency is paramount, packaging solutions that are not only safe but also lightweight are more in demand than ever. This is where the Bag-In-Box packaging solution comes into play.

CHEERTAINER®: Enhanced flexibility meets reliability

Cheertainer® represents the only flexible packaging solution that guarantees safe transport of dangerously classified products or those with high added value. This cube-shaped design made of reinforced plastic fits perfectly into cardboard boxes and allows for uncomplicated storage and handling. The Cheertainer® allows users to intuitively utilise the entire volume of the soft pack. It is also designed to make the most of the space in the carton and allows for complete liquid outflow without having to constantly search for the closure.

The innovative design of the Cheertainer® provides an environmentally conscious, yet high quality and reliable alternative.

Applications and security

The Cheertainer® is mainly suitable for ADR goods and Class 2 and 3 dangerous goods, especially in industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food. The QUADPAK UN Cheertainer® was specially developed for oils, lubricants and chemical products. It is the first UN-certified BIB packaging approved for the transport of hazardous substances.

UN certification confirms that the package meets the guidelines of the Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. To obtain this certification, the packages must pass numerous tests to ensure that they can withstand extreme transport conditions. This opens up new opportunities for the chemical and lubricant industry to benefit from the advantages of pouch packaging.

Unbeatable advantages

The Cheertainer® is not only safe and stable, but also cost-efficient. Storage and transport costs are significantly reduced due to the reduced packaging weight. In addition, the Cheertainer® is hermetically sealed, protecting the contents from external influences. All this contributes to the Cheertainer® being a convincing solution not only economically but also ecologically.


The revolutionary Cheertainer® packaging is an answer to the growing challenges of today's transport and storage industry. When it comes to saving packaging weight while meeting the highest standards of safety and environmental friendliness, the Cheertainer® is undoubtedly the first choice.

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